Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

This page will soon be our store.  We will have T-shirts aimed at a variety of issues, including LGBTQ friendly sayings and topics, depression, anxiety, mental health in general, neurodiversity, chronic illness, obesity,  etc…pretty much anything that whispers or screams “We are here…and we’re coming for you!”.  😀

We will also have guided meditation/self-hypnosis downloads, e-books, etc.  Most of these products will be created by us, but we might also include products we find “out there”, that fit our goal of providing products that promote an inclusive and “naked and unafraid” world.

This site’s purpose is to celebrate the bitter AND sweet parts of life, and whatever we offer here will only ever suit that purpose.  If you have or see a product out there in the world that you think might fit this purpose, please feel free to contact us or send a link!