Granny Grinch and the Wobbly Waterbeds

I love being around people who are so comfortable in their own skin that they glow with their own "fabulosity".  I yearn for that kind of self love and acceptance.  Imagine for a moment that, right now, you can let go of all of the expectations and "shoulds" and identities that someone else put on … Continue reading Granny Grinch and the Wobbly Waterbeds

How To Recognize The “Toxic” Friend

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes for a good friend, lately.  A few days ago, I reached out to someone I met over 20 years ago, into the toxic void that was what I USED to think represented a “good” friend - and I’ve been recovering from that conversation all weekend long. We’ve … Continue reading How To Recognize The “Toxic” Friend

TWITAT – Kit Edition

I suppose I should introduce myself before I get into the rest of things. I guess the first thing to know: I’m Rowan’s kid, that’s right!! The fabled Kit, kidlet, progeny, spawn of the Head Kumquat! I don’t do gender, just think of me like a tree! Or some demon spawn or mysterious faceless being, … Continue reading TWITAT – Kit Edition

Ask Your Friends To Make The Lemonade

Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends. ~Virginia Woolf There are some people who have and maybe even need lots of friend; for them, it’s a numbers game.  For me, though, just a handful is plenty - as long as they are the kind of friend that can handle the … Continue reading Ask Your Friends To Make The Lemonade


This is another installment in "That's What I Think About THAT!" It is April 6th, and snowing and COLD where I live.  I have determined that Spring snow is Nature's way of making sure you REALLY enjoy the birds chirping and flowers blooming and trees coming back to life and smell of rain and warm … Continue reading TWITAT #3

I Am A Rescue Donut

Being adopted is part of “who I am” and has been part of my identity for as long as I can remember.  My parents told me that my dad had picked me out special.  I was the youngest, and the story I remember is that by the time I came along he already had a … Continue reading I Am A Rescue Donut

Dog Put The Spirit of a Dead Seagull In My Kindle And Now It Wants To Eat Me

Photo by George Hiles on Unsplash

Holy hell, my Kindle just started knocking at me.  I’m sitting here writing in the quiet and solitude of 6:00 a.m., and all of a sudden I hear a “knock, knock, knocking at my door”...only it was from INSIDE my closed Kindle.  Is my Kindle about to come alive  and make me its first meal? … Continue reading Dog Put The Spirit of a Dead Seagull In My Kindle And Now It Wants To Eat Me

Train, Meet Wall…

Photo by Chris Kristiansen on Unsplash

Last week I was fairly manic, but not in the fun “wheeeeeee! I’m getting a lot done, I’m CREATING, look at this fantastic painting I painted and listen to this amazing symphony I just wrote, and please frequent the 5 new businesses I started in my spare time!” kind of way.  Nope, most of the … Continue reading Train, Meet Wall…

The Voices in my Head


The voices inside my head are being really loud right now: “You’re a BLOGGER...oh my gawwwd, everyone and their brother has a blog, what have you got to say that anyone would want to hear ANYWAY…” Sometimes these voices are so loud I can barely see in front of my face.  It feels like they … Continue reading The Voices in my Head

I Thought I Was a Tree

Hubby called me "fire" the other day, and I was confused because all this time I thought I was a tree. Years ago, my kidlet introduced us to a podcast called "Welcome to Nightvale"..  It was weird and wonderful and we listened to a LOT of it on a road trip through the Olympic Peninsula.  … Continue reading I Thought I Was a Tree