Breaking Down at the DMV

So, I know going to the DMV is not fun for anyone.  Or at least, not anyone I've ever met.  It's just one of those things that grown ups have to deal with in life - you gotta pay taxes, and you gotta register your vehicle, get a driver's license, mundane shit like that. Places... Continue Reading →

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Llamas

Yeah - I don't know what that title means, either.  I just couldn't come up with a better with it. What makes the stories we tell ourselves turn into the life we live?  What makes “the truth” true, and “reality” real? I’m just asking for a friend. Is it when someone else agrees with... Continue Reading →

Hi A Tus

Upon the advice of my very intelligent and wise kidlet, I am taking a bit of a hiatus.  A week...a month...the whole summer, who knows?  I will be back, most likely.  Or not - but probably.  I mean, we can't ever know anything for certain, of course...  Usually when I give myself permission to NOT... Continue Reading →

The “D” Train

Shit.  I was really hoping this was not going to happen.  Just today - friggin' TODAY - I was telling a friend that I thought maybe this time, it was really over.  Maybe I was just stuck in a bad place before, and that's why that last bout of depression lasted SO long and felt... Continue Reading →

Life and Death and Lies

Life can be beautifully poignant and excruciating sometimes.  A couple of days ago I felt like my heart was being wrung out like a dishrag because someone I love is going through something I can’t help with.  I can’t fix it or hug it away, I can’t lift their burden. I can only watch and... Continue Reading →

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