Hi A Tus

Upon the advice of my very intelligent and wise kidlet, I am taking a bit of a hiatus.  A week...a month...the whole summer, who knows?  I will be back, most likely.  Or not - but probably.  I mean, we can't ever know anything for certain, of course...  Usually when I give myself permission to NOT … Continue reading Hi A Tus

The “D” Train

Shit.  I was really hoping this was not going to happen.  Just today - friggin' TODAY - I was telling a friend that I thought maybe this time, it was really over.  Maybe I was just stuck in a bad place before, and that's why that last bout of depression lasted SO long and felt … Continue reading The “D” Train

Life and Death and Lies

Life can be beautifully poignant and excruciating sometimes.  A couple of days ago I felt like my heart was being wrung out like a dishrag because someone I love is going through something I can’t help with.  I can’t fix it or hug it away, I can’t lift their burden. I can only watch and … Continue reading Life and Death and Lies