TWITAT – Kit Edition

I suppose I should introduce myself before I get into the rest of things. I guess the first thing to know: I’m Rowan’s kid, that’s right!! The fabled Kit, kidlet, progeny, spawn of the Head Kumquat! I don’t do gender, just think of me like a tree! Or some demon spawn or mysterious faceless being, or literally a smaller kumquat, whatever floats your boat!

Okay, genuinely, I will try not to exclamation point my way through this entire thing. You should know, though, that it is Killing me to be typing with somewhat appropriate capitalization and punctuation. Texting has broken me.

(Is it actually texting if I never use my texting app?  I mean, technically I’m messaging people online on my phone, so–)

Anyway. I volunteered to write this week because I want to! And also my mom deserves a break!

So now, it’s time for:

That’s What I Think About That -record scratch- Kit Edition!!!!

(Or Kid Edition. We’re running it by the focus group next week.)

  • Okay first thing, can anyone please raise their hands if they think in textures?? Because trying to put my emotions into words is Killing Me, when my emotions all boil down to:
    – “well, I kind of feel like… chalk?”
    – “my mood is kind of crunchy today, like just a little, like the layer of frost that develops on something soft in the freezer” 
    – “I woke up from a dream and all I could remember was feeling kind of like… if the sweet first scent of a piece of licorice was a temperature?”
  • Why is my brain like this? We literally have words for emotions for this very reason, aka to Communicate About Them. Why can’t I make that work for meee…
  • Anyway.

  • The main point I wanted to get to today, ’cause I’ve been thinking about it a lot, is that being nice makes sense! Logically!

  • Why are all supposedly hyper-logical characters in shows portrayed as super mean?!?
  • It takes like two seconds of thinking about human nature to realize that being nice gets you WAY FURTHER!!!
  • Just think about how many villains have been brought down because they betrayed someone that was loyal to them. Dumb!! Just be nice and that won’t happen!
  • I’m convinced these people aren’t actually logical and realistic, they’re just mean and trying to make excuses for it. I’m looking at you, Kuvira, from the last season of “Legend of Korra”.
  • Also, also, brilliant example of how far being nice can get you: Neal Caffrey from White Collar. Everyone is wrapped around his fingers and eating out of his hands and, like, he could easily take over the world if he wanted to! Partially because he’s ridiculously handsome and has the highest charisma stat in the world, but also largely cause he’s nice and makes people feel good!!

Okay, anyway, that took up less space than I expected.

  • I’ll fill the rest of this out with a list of things I Really Want to Do:
  1. Finally fix the doll that’s been laying on my desk for… so long now. She’s so beautiful, and her knee is so busted, and I don’t know what the fuck the doll maker was thinking when he designed her? (And that’s not a– I know who the doll maker was, and he was a he, I’m not doing that shitty thing people do when they use he as a default pronoun, I promise.) But anyway, I don’t know how she was ever supposed to like, actually pose or anything, I’m gonna have to carve whole new grooves in several of her joints just to make her like… Workable. But her hands are still the prettiest doll hands I’ve ever seen, and I love her every day.
  2. Fix the very sad clown boy that is also sitting on my desk. (Head Kumquat here – I thought it pertinent to tell you that this clown was rescued from an antique store.  He was sitting on a pedestal all by himself, sad and lonely and dusty, and Kit literally could not physically keep walking, the need to rescue him from a creepy, dusty death was just TOO compelling.)  He has a hole in his plaster arm and is covered in dust, and honestly I really want to just like… Take a mold of him and remake him cause this whole plaster thing isn’t gonna last long.
  3. Fix up the axe murderer teddy bear I ALSO have sitting on my desk– that was uncharitable; he’s not an axe murderer anymore. His name is Redmond, and he’s recovering, and he deserves eyes and nice clothes.
  4. Quick break to note that I keep having to scoot my keyboard further and further to the left because my cat is Determined to sit on it.
  5. I wanna get to the pottery place down the street and get back to sculpting, I miss it so much, and I feel inspired for the first time in years! Years!! All because someone was nice to me today and gave me a little present, and now I want to give one back.
  6. I wanna finally get around to painting faces on all of the unfinished dolls I have lying around. They are Adorable, but like…. They’d be more adorable with eyebrows.
  7. A big thing on my list is learning every string instrument I can get my hands on. I took violin lessons through my school for a few months at the beginning of sixth grade, and I have never felt such love in my heart for something I was so bad at before. I mean, I’m sure I’d someday get to a point where it didn’t sound like the croaks of a badly reanimated Tibetan throat singer. ANYWAY THE POINT IS CELLOS ARE AWESOME???
  8. College is out there… And I want to meet it! Someday, when it doesn’t sound like the entire experience would be so hellacious. The last time I tried to go to college, I ended up crying in the bathroom so like?? Clearly I need to figure some shit out, first.
  9. Speaking of, I met with a counselor today and it was love at first sight, so everything is looking up. In that vein, I really want to continue following up on that and making improvements in my life, and start doing the things I love again!
  10. I don’t know if any of you know this, but I’ve been doing the metaphorical equivalent of hiding under my bed covers for like four years now and it Has to Stop. One more thing to add to the list: launder bed covers…


Bzzzzzt! [Super Smash Bros announcer voice] FINISHED!


I actually had more stuff to add but ten seems like such a round number to stop off on. I guess I’ll continue this list later, to myself, in one of my many mental conversations with a video games journalist (they’re interested in my whole life story so they can find context for the Amazing, Award Winning game I just released sometime in the future).


This was fun, peace!!

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