This is another installment in “That’s What I Think About THAT!”

  • It is April 6th, and snowing and COLD where I live.  I have determined that Spring snow is Nature’s way of making sure you REALLY enjoy the birds chirping and flowers blooming and trees coming back to life and smell of rain and warm days…when they finally happen.  Anticipation makes everything better, right?  RIGHT!?!  PLEASE tell me that’s right!
  • If you like Christmas music and it is snowing in April, you have a RIGHT to listen to it at top volume, regardless of whether a certain someone finds it annoying.
  • Dwelling on the past is only useful if it spurs action in the present.  Otherwise, you are wasting energy better spent on other endeavors.
  • Not everything you do has to be useful.
  • Time really IS running out.
  • I’ve been eating healthfully for 3 days and I feel worse than I did before, so I’m pretty sure healthy eating is NOT for me.  Time to go order pizza!
  • It’s still snowing (in case you were wondering).
  • For the 459th time in 6 months, I have just resisted making a snarky comment on someone’s Facebook post.  I’m pretty sure there should be an award of some kind for that.
  • Finding out your personal data has been used to help advertisers target you online should be more like finding out you can still see your face when you look in the mirror.  I mean, it’s always been there, and you pretty much expect it, so the REAL surprise would be if it WASN’T there, right?  Although, then you might be a vampire, which could be pretty cool.
  • Online privacy is an illusion.  Do what you can to protect your vital and financial information…but really, for most of us, who cares about the rest?  So you went and tried to order 5 cases of Cadbury mini-eggs before they disappeared this year – I’m not judging!
  • Being a vampire would only be worth it if you could guarantee that your body and mind would reset to their healthiest, best point.  So, for me, that would be erasing about 25 years.  If some sexy vampire knocked on my window in the middle of the night with a contract guaranteeing my body and mind would reset to “healthy/best”, and then offered to bite me, I would SO take that deal!  What’s a little blood drinking and Vitamin D deficiency when you can get your hot 25 year old body back???
  • If I become a vampire I can eat Cadbury mini-eggs without consequence for the rest of eternity, right?
  • Perspective is interesting – most people around here are complaining about the snow, but I’m listening to Christmas music and the guy that gets to drive his truck through the parking lot with the snow plow on the front is SO happy!
  • I’m not sure whether I would want to be the sparkly skin kind of vampire, who CAN go out in the sun, or the super pale “only out at night” version.  OH, who am I kidding, anyone who knows me knows I would PAY to be sparkly all the time.  Sparkly and strong and fast and gorgeous…who would say “No” to that?
  • Of course, if I were sparkly all of the time, it would be TORTURE to not be able to see myself in the mirror…so there’s that.
  • Yep – still worth it, it’s a vampire’s life for ME!  Yo HO!
  • Ooooooohhhhh – I could be a pirate vampire, born of the love between Jack Sparrow and that really pretty sparkly vampire that was Edward’s sister in the movie with the sparkly vampires…ummmmhold on, I’ll remember it in a second – HA, “Twilight”…THAT one.
  • OK.  I think I’m done for now.

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