Experts Can Suck It

One of my pet peeves is that experts contradict each other SO often, and it's frustrating as hell.  When my baby was born, I had a very limited support structure in terms of family and friends to lend advice and support.  I was not on good terms with family, and most of my friends had not started having kids yet. So I was pretty much on my own...

Writing When I Can’t Write

I can’t write.  My mind won’t focus, I’m too stressed and in too much pain.  I find myself typing a few words and then noticing how much my neck hurts or my back hurts or my arms hurt, blah, blah, blah.  I told a friend recently that it seems like I can write consistently even... Continue Reading →

Granny Grinch and the Wobbly Waterbeds

I love being around people who are so comfortable in their own skin that they glow with their own "fabulosity".  I yearn for that kind of self love and acceptance.  Imagine for a moment that, right now, you can let go of all of the expectations and "shoulds" and identities that someone else put on... Continue Reading →

TWITAT – Kit Edition

I suppose I should introduce myself before I get into the rest of things. I guess the first thing to know: I’m Rowan’s kid, that’s right!! The fabled Kit, kidlet, progeny, spawn of the Head Kumquat! I don’t do gender, just think of me like a tree! Or some demon spawn or mysterious faceless being,... Continue Reading →


This is another installment in "That's What I Think About THAT!" It is April 6th, and snowing and COLD where I live.  I have determined that Spring snow is Nature's way of making sure you REALLY enjoy the birds chirping and flowers blooming and trees coming back to life and smell of rain and warm... Continue Reading →

I Am A Rescue Donut

Being adopted is part of “who I am” and has been part of my identity for as long as I can remember.  My parents told me that my dad had picked me out special.  I was the youngest, and the story I remember is that by the time I came along he already had a... Continue Reading →

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