Make Believe

Lately I've been exploring the possibility that I can suspend disbelief without choosing to believe.  After all, when I go to a movie I don't require myself to believe the story in order to enjoy it - but I do set aside my NEED to believe.  Belief can shut a door to other possibilities, as... Continue Reading →

Not A Hugger

I was recently surprised to realize that something I've always considered a minor problem has grown into a full blown pet peeve over which I tend to get kind of hostile. I might be left out in the cold on this one.  Shunned.  Forever banned from the human race.  The thing over which I am... Continue Reading →

Lincoln, Darwin, Depression, and Me

So this is weird:  Apparently the word depression is considered "dangerous or derogatory content" by Google.  At first, this made me angry, and this post was going to be about THAT. Then I discovered a gift in it.  When I searched on the word depression to find out "why all the hubbub, Google?", I went... Continue Reading →

It Wasn’t Real…Right?

I just woke myself up with the sounds of my own sobbing.  For real.  It took me a while to realize what I was hearing, and then even longer to pull myself enough out of sleep to try and stop the sobbing, which had become kind of keening and wailing in between bouts of this... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness Is An Exaggeration

I get lost in this blog sometimes.  Lost in my own stuff, and I forget my purpose here, which is to shine light into the dark places.  Light to help myself see, light to help others see.  It ends up being about mental health most of the time, but I really think it's just about... Continue Reading →

Makers Gotta Make, Make, Make…

I am a maker, a artist. I am not, however, a great artist.  I'm not even sure I'm a good one.  In fact, objectively I think I'm probably not really even mediocre - there are thousands if not millions of people that can draw better than I can, paint better than I can, and... Continue Reading →

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